One of Borcuse's elite guards and one of the two female commanders in his inner circle besides Leto.

Despite looking like a child, Nike is actually 25 years old. While she display a look of a sweet, innocent girl, in reality she is a sadistic killer who will not hesitate to kill anyone who angers her, whether they be enemy or ally. Io is the only one who can calm Nike as he treats her like a little sister.

Nike's Golem is the Heavy mech Giratos which she uses to kill General True early in the war. During her first meeting with Girghe, he disabled and used her Golem as a human shield while proceeding to damage the other Athenian Golems including killing a General, dealing a huge blow to her ego.

Her second encounter with Girghe fared no better as her Golem was completely decapitated and disarmed. Prompting her to making her way back to the main forces on foot, killing scouts on the way and finding a way to redeem herself.

She encountered Narvi during her march to regroup, seeing that Narvi was an officer she decides to hunt her down in the valleys, taking her chance as Narvi became distracted when her hair ornament cracked and fell off. However before she could take the shot the reflection of the ornament warned Narvi of her presence, and in a very brief firefight Narvi succeeds in shooting Nike through the lung, killing her slowly as she drowned in her own blood, but not before Narvi comforts her in her last moments.

In the Anime Movie series, she is killed by Girge after he defeats her Golem in Episode Five, replacing the Spartan engagement.

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