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Colonel Io is General Borcuse's second in command.

Personality & Character[]

Relatively young for a field commander, Io is greatly respected for both his prowess in battle and his abilities as a tactician. While he appears intimidating, due to his tall height and a large prominent scar on his face, Io is a kind man who treats civilians and children with respect. Io disapproves of the barbaric acts that Borcuse and his fellow commanders commit against civilians and enemy combatants. He is also in a relationship with Borcuse's daughter. As one of Borcuse's elite guard and commanders, Io rides the Toria, a blue-colored customized Golem which utilizes both swords and guns. After Borcuse is killed, Io returns to Athens and resigns from the military, guilt-ridden over his perceived inability to protect Borcuse and his fellow commanders.

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