The Hykelion (拝啓李オン) is a custom golem belonging to the Commonwealth of Athens' esteemed general, Borcuse. It features some specialized weapons on its figure, including pressure guns installed on the side of the knees as well as two "scorpion-tail" jointed weapons on its back as its secret weapons.

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  • In the OVA, it is partially destroyed by Rygart in Episode 6 after another brutal duel against the Delphine (now equipped with its newest weapon, the giant shuriken) within Krisna's capital, culminating in Borcuse's death.
  • It is first shown at the end of Episode 3 of the OVA, as Borcuse's forces move out. It later appears piloted by General Borcuse in Episode 4 of the OVA, during the battle between Borcuse's and General Baldr's forces. Borcuse uses the Hykelion (while cloaked) to kill one of Baldr's subordinates, Elsa, whom had charged towards him at the beginning of the battle.
  • The Hykelion later re-appears in Rygart's home town, engaging the ancient golem Delphine and its pilot in a heated duel, revealing some, if not most, of its equipment, including a standard Athen's forces quartz shield, two swords, the knee-mounted pressure guns, and its back-mounted "scorpion-tails". The Hykelion defeats the Delphine, owing to its pilot's superior skill, and Borcuse orders the Delphine to be captured and Rygart killed.

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