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Kingdom of Krisna


Unknown Pilot No. 01

Unknown Pilot No. 02

Rygart Arrow


8.9 Meters

Max Weight
Empty Weight
Armor Lightweight Non-reactive Quartz
Armaments Two-Handed Broadsword, Small Lance, Large Lance, Throwing Knives, Shield, Katana, Nunchaku, Giant Shuriken

Delphine (デルフィング) (also known as "Silver-black") is an ancient golem usable only by un-sorcerers.

According to the first movie, its sensors recognize "normal" (magic users) humans as "Unspecified living things".

It is currently being used as a Heavy Knight for The Kingdom of Krisna.

The ancients inscribed the words "resist your destiny" on it's armor.

Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Delphine has a limited operation time of about 10 to 30 minutes, after which it must stay immobile and recharge its power source for about 24 hours. Delphine poseses amazingly strong quartz ligaments. These ligaments give Delphine superior jumping ability, acceleration, and strength. In fact, they are so strong that Delphine can jump nearly twice the height of any contemprary golem, run at amazing speeds, and rip apart enemy golems with its bare hands.

Description Edit

Delphine (デルフィング) is a golem of ancient times that the Kingdom of Krisna found while mining. It has a silver and black coloration. Although it looks skinny and not very combat ready, its ligament strength is rather high, allowing it to wield extremely heavy weaponry. When found, top golem riders tried to start it and control it but it wouldn't respond to anyone until Rygart accidentally fell in. Rygart is the only pilot for the Delphine since he is the only one that can operate it. During the Delphine's training period, it gains multiple armaments to compensate for its inability to use standardized quartz weaponry, such as throwing knives, nunchaku, and (in the final episode) a giant throwing star attached to high-tensile ligaments.

In exchange for the Delphine's incredible combat ability, it has a drastically reduced operating time as compared to conventional golems. High-output maneuvers will see a maximum operating time of only thirty minutes, while use in less strenuous conditions can extend up to 480 minutes on a full charge.

Due to its ridiculously high speed and strength, it is able to equip super-heavy armor, using said armor both as a defensive measure and a potent weapon. It also has a very useful "Posture Control" function, where the Delphine's AI will handle balance during combat or complex maneuvers.