Commonwealth of Athens


9.9 meters

  • 1 x Caliber Pressgun
  • 1 x Shield

Artemis is Commonwealth of Athens new lightweight type Golem. The Golems were used by Zess's Valkyrie Squadron.

Technology & Combat Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Artemis is Athens experimental Golem, but was scrapped due to it being “uncontrollable”. Utilized by Athen’s best pilots also known as the Valkyrie Squadron (Zess, Argath, Erekt, Lee and Chloe). The Artemis has better acceleration and jumping power compared to modern Golems, but far lacking when compared to Delphin. Uses a large Caliber Pressgun that can take down Fefnirs with two shots.

History[edit | edit source]

When Zess learns his nation plans to conquer The Kingdom of Krisna, he leads his Valkyrie Squadron, a small commando strike force of Artemis to the Krisna capital in order to make Hodr surrender quickly to spare his friends and their country from the wrath of the main Athens Invasion Army.

Later on, the Valkyrie Squandron failed to make it to the capital of Krisna. In result, Lee and Argath were killed, Cleo was captured, while Zess and Erekt managed to escape from the battlefield. Then Krisna modified an Artemis unit and assigned to Girge.

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